WoT Trololo: That "Bush Nerf" [Video]

WoT Trololo: That "Bush Nerf" [Video]:
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...um yeah, them bushes, So Nerfed! Sure some strategic bushes have been yanked on some maps, but that just means you gotta get creative people.
Ps, the Trololo song was (is?) a staple holiday tune in Eastern Europe, google up the wiki page on it for more about it's neat origin story. Happy Thanksgiving from California! I don't always Carry Turkey, but when I do... :-P
Pps, how the frak did we loose this...#facepalm
Ppps, I know somebody is going to ask: 6237 damage, and yeah I could have shot better and/or had RNGesus more on my side, so it goes.